"I Saved My Money...Just To Be Disappointed": Travelers Are Being Brutally Honest About The Vacation Destinations That Aren't Worth The Money Or Hype

    "It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as in I'm never going there again."

    Recently, redditor u/ElisaBelloo asked, "In your travels, which city was the biggest letdown?" Travelers from all over the world took to the thread and were refreshingly (and sometimes brutally) honest about the travel destinations that didn't quite live up to their expectations. So, here are 15 popular vacation spots that — according to fellow travelers — actually might not be worth the money and hype:

    1. "Dubai. It's like Vegas with no soul. I never thought Vegas had a soul, then I visited Dubai."

    Skyline with the Burj Khalifa standing tall among other skyscrapers at dusk

    2. "Hollywood. If 'who hurt you' was a city."

    A Hollywood street at night with flashing signs and people

    3. "LA is terrible if you don’t have a local to show you around."

    Aerial view of Los Angeles

    4. "Niagara Falls, Ontario. Not the falls themselves — they're spectacular. The town is awful."

    Aerial view of Niagara Falls with surrounding landscape and a boat near the mist

    5. "Reykjavik, Iceland. I loved Iceland, but Reykjavik is very touristy. The rest of the country is absolutely amazing, though."

    Aerial view of Reykjavik

    6. "Cairo, Egypt, without a doubt. Anyone who hasn't been: Just google it and the horror stories will keep you away."

    Three pyramids in Egypt with people on camels in the foreground

    7. "Daytona Beach, Florida. I was SO excited to go to Florida in high school. There were cockroaches in the hotel room. A biohazard bag in the water. All the scummy touristy stuff. No thanks. I worked at the school store and saved my money all year to afford the trip just to be disappointed."

    Sunset at Daytona Beach with iconic arch reading "WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS BEACH" over a street leading to the ocean

    8. "Naples, Italy. Rome had a reputation for being messy and smelly for decades, which I saw firsthand. They've since cleaned it up, and it's as beautiful as you'd hope. Naples, on the other hand, feels like a slum for the most part. It's messy, unwelcoming, and doesn't honor its history the way much of Italy does."

    A street in Naples

    9. "Venice, Italy in the summer. I was there in February, and it was an amazing time. Summer, though? No."

    View from a gondola on a narrow Venetian canal with bridges and ancient buildings

    10. "Las Vegas, Nevada. It's all fun for two nights, but we made a mistake and stayed for four nights. Couldn't wait to leave."

    Aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip featuring the Bellagio fountain show

    11. "Austin, Texas. For all its 'keep Austin weird' crap, it’s simply not weird."

    A view of Sixth Street in Austin, Texas

    12. "Atlantic City, New Jersey. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as in I'm never going there again."

    Nighttime view of the Caesar's and Trump Plaza buildings with illuminated signage

    13. "San Jose, California. I think it actively tries to be as boring as humanly possible."

    Aerial view of a cityscape at dusk with lit buildings and a Christmas tree

    14. "Dallas, Texas. I cannot believe how boring that city is. I’ve had much more fun in every other Texas city I’ve visited (Austin, San Antonio, even Fort Worth!)."

    Dallas skyline at dusk with illuminated buildings

    15. And finally, "Berlin, Germany. The most unfriendly place I have been in my entire life, and I’ve been to Paris."

    Berlin Cathedral by the Spree river with a passing tour boat in the foreground

    Travelers of BuzzFeed, now it's your turn! Have you ever visited a city you were super excited about, only to learn it's an overhyped tourist trap or simply not worth the trip? If so, tell us the destination and why you felt that way in the comments below.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.