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Tell Us About The Most Inappropriate Thing You've Experienced At Work

If Quiet on Set reminded you of somewhere you used to work, we want to hear from you.

Last night, I finished watching the Investigation Discovery docuseries Quiet on Set, which details the inappropriate and shocking behavior that went on behind the scenes of many beloved Nickelodeon shows.

Nickelodeon show runner Dan Schneider receiving an award in 2014

The series sheds much-needed light on the dangers child actors face and it also illuminates how damaging bad workplace behavior can be to adults. So, if watching or reading about this series brought up memories of an inappropriate workplace experience, we want to hear from you about what happened and how it affected you.

Maybe you overheard your male boss talking with a male coworker about your female coworkers' bodies in a way that felt supremely icky. You could never really talk to him again without wondering how he spoke about you when you weren't around.

Two men in suits whispering to each other

Or perhaps you had a coworker who was way too touchy-feely for your tastes — think always trying to rub your shoulders or touching your hand in conversation. You tried to bring it up to them that you felt uncomfortable, and they turned on you, basically bullying you until you quit.

A woman at a desk with a person's hand on her shoulder, expressing discomfort

Or maybe you had a boss who was constantly raging at people for little things that were out of their control. It's one thing to have high standards, but when they screamed at you and called you a moron because the printer ran out of ink, you realized they were just plain abusive.

Man yelling at a woman sitting at her desk

Tell us about your most inappropriate workplace in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.