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Have A Paid App That You Swear By? Tell Us Why You Think It's Worth The Money

Whether it's a meditation app or a game, we want to know why it's worth the money.

Since money is tight these days, it's really important to know if a purchase is going to be worth it.

Person withdrawing cash from a brown wallet

So I'm curious: Have you paid for a phone app that you absolutely swear by? If so, tell us why it's worth the money.

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For instance, do you use a specific meditation app that instantly calms your nervous system when you're having a really rough day, so you added it to your budget?

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Or perhaps you finally purchased a productivity app that has organized your life way better than any pen and paper ever could — and you would feel absolutely lost without it.

Woman on sofa with laptop, smiling at smartphone in her hands

Finally, maybe there's a game app that you purchased because it makes you unbelievably happy.

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Whatever the paid phone app is, we want to know why it's absolutely worth the purchase and why you love it so much in this anonymous Google Form or in the comments below. Share your suggestion to possibly be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.