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Celebrities Alike Are Flooding Lizzo's Comment Section With Uplifting Messages After The Singer Said She Was Quitting

"All I want is to make music and make people happy."

Celebrities are sharing their support for Lizzo after the singer announced she's quitting.

Lizzo on red carpet in a strapless, ruched gown

On Friday, Lizzo shared a lengthy message to her Instagram, expressing that she felt mistreated by everyone, including people on the internet.

Lizzo at an event wearing a strapless leather dress with crisscross detailing on the bodice, accessorized with bangle bracelets

"I'm getting tired of putting up with being dragged by everyone in my life and on the internet," Lizzo wrote. "All I want is to make music and make people happy, and help the world be a litter better than how I found it."

Lizzo poses in a white, off-the-shoulder outfit with ruffles, accessorized with a choker

"I'm starting to feel like the world doesn't want me in it. I'm constantly up against lies being told about me for clout and views...being the butt of the joke every single time because of how I look."

Lizzo in a black off-the-shoulder dress with pearl necklace and gloves, at an event

The musician concluded her post by writing, "I didn't sign up for this shit — I QUIT!"

Lizzo performs onstage with dancers and a giant screen displaying her image during a concert

Although the musician didn't clarify what prompted this message or whether she was referencing quitting social media or her music career, many fans ran to the comments to show their support.

Lizzo in a black dress with pearl-like embellishments, posing on the red carpet

British fashion illustrator and designer Hayden Williams encouraged Lizzo to not let anyone make her feel less than:

A screenshot of Instagram comment by hayden_williams to Lizzo, encouraging positivity and resilience against negativity

Actor Sophia Bush reminded Lizzo that the internet isn't real and to always look after herself first:

all of this, the internet isn't real life, protect you. we love you

Holly Robinson Peete advised Lizzo to take a page out of Beyoncé's book and find a way to shut out the noise:

get you a beyonce shut off switch, sis

Comedian and internet personality Kid Fury confirmed that he'd support whatever decision makes her the happiest:

you are so necessary talented and important, you also deserve peace

And the messages continued to pour in:

Loni Love:

girl don't leet them win, stay off the internet hug up yo man keep working

LeToya Luckett:

"You are deeply loved @lizzobeating

Queen Latifah

F that do you

Josh Gad:

this is the absolute truth, hold your head up

Eric Andre:

love you

And, Judd Apatow:

a wave emoji followed by three heart emojis on a post;

Lizzo's cryptic message comes nearly two months after her attempt to dismiss a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against her by three of her former background dancers was denied.

Lizzo performs onstage in a sleeveless striped outfit, engaging with the audience

But this isn't the first time Lizzo spoke candidly about taking time to herself. Last November, she shared this note on Instagram: "Hi. I’m working.. on music, myself, relationships with people and food, my anxiety, my body, my business, and my trust issues with the world.. but they are deep now, deeper than they’ve ever been. Xoxo."

And earlier this month, Lizzo gave fans an update on her self-love journey and thanked them for their patience: "I’m almost ready to be a normal human again… to be outside.. to love and trust people.. to try and make new friends… to go on live 👀… to sing and talk about my pain and joy… just give me a lil more time. Thank u for the patience."

You can read Lizzo's full cryptic message below:

Text on a peach background expresses frustration with internet fame and ends with the declaration "I QUIT"