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If You've Ever Been A Teacher, I Want To Know About Your Experience With A Student That Made You Want To Quit

If you've ever had a terrible experience with a student, we want to know about it.

In the year 2024, teaching seems to be an increasingly frustrating and thankless job. From witnessing disrespectful trends like "mewing" to constantly fighting with parents, it's no wonder there's a nationwide teacher shortage.

Teacher aiding students with their work in a classroom setting

I know from my grade school days (a long, long time ago) that there were always those students who would push teachers to the edge. So, if you're a teacher or have ever been one, I want to know about that *one kid* in your classroom.

I, personally, will never forget a student in my class who was constantly late and would enter through the window while our teacher wasn't looking, claiming to have been there the whole time.

Empty classroom with desks, chairs, and educational posters on the wall

Maybe you had a student who played a seemingly innocent prank that seriously backfired, like another student in my class who activated a stink bomb, making the whole building evacuate as kids started getting violently ill.

Students seated in a classroom facing forward with backpacks on the floor

You might have had a student who was generally disrespectful and rude. Maybe you're a new teacher witnessing things like the "mewing" trend or have a student who refuses to do their work.

A lively classroom with students engaged in an activity, some standing and others seated at desks

Maybe you even saw a student get expelled for doing something really over the top, like the students in this post; one of whom ran through the cafeteria naked with a backpack they lit on fire.

Empty school cafeteria with rows of tables and a serving area in the background

Whatever your story is about "that one kid" in your classroom or school, I want to know all about it. Comment below all the details of a current or past student who was particularly problematic, or fill out this form if you prefer to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!