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June 29, 2009

12 Greatest Key Changes In Pop Music

So the key change in "Man in the Mirror" is one of the greater musical legacies that Michael Jackson left us. In honor of MJ, and because I'm a sucker for a well-placed key change, here is a collection of my favorites. (Thanks to my polling/support group for suggestions.)

A Shoe Uglier than the Croc

The Vibram Five Finger shoe might actually surpass Crocs in ugliness. It's a water sports/running shoe that's destined to trickle down into everyday-wear.

Billy Mays' Death Is Funny

He's dead! Now we can make fun of him as much as we want. Feel free to add your own snarky and insensitive commentary about his death.

Mysterious Letters

In April, artists Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe sent handwritten, personalized letters to every person in the small Irish town of Cushendall.

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