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June 25, 2009

Dean Cain: The IE 8 Guy

Microsoft has a weird new advertising campaign featuring former Superman, Dean Cain. His delivery has the aplomb and earnestness of late-night, 80's TV comercials featuring lawyers that will stand up for you. The tone reminds me of the classic Old Glory SNL skit.

No Poop Zone

Weird road sign in Germany warns of a $2100 fine for dumping.

Cat Addicts

This is a trailer for a documentary about cat hoarders, which are basically people who collect and overtime accumulate tons of cats. The documentary is called "Cat Ladies" and it's premiering at the Silverdocs Film Festival in Washington DC this week.

Joyride Through School

For a senior prank in the UK, two of the coolest dudes in school drove their cars through the hallway.

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