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Focus Tape

Some folks on the crew at Santa Fe Opera have created a video tribute to Lady Gaga and their jobs.

Gustavo Araoz 10 years ago

Ryan Jenkins Found Dead

Ryan Jenkins, the former reality star, and main suspect in the the murder of his wife Jasmine Fiore, was found hanged to death in a hotel room, the town of Hope, British Columbia. Early evidence points to suicide.

Gustavo Araoz 10 years ago


It's a motorized unicycle with gyroscopic stabilizers and stuff. One wheel Segway, people. Sweet. [via]

Gustavo Araoz 10 years ago

Ryan Alexander Jenkins [Second Update]

Is a Person of Interest to the Police! Megan Wants A Millionaire contestant Ryan Alexander Jenkins is being sought for questioning about the murder of Jasmine Fiore. He is apparently a "person of interest". Incidentally, he won last week's date with Megan - in case for some reason you haven't been following the show.

Gustavo Araoz 10 years ago

Tactical Bacon

Gun people and internet hipsters have more in common than anyone thought they did: bacon and healthy obsession/fear of zombie attack.

Gustavo Araoz 10 years ago