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June 22, 2009

How a Baby Is Made

Jezebel has scans from a 1970's Danish sex ed illustration book that features some crude (cute??) drawings.

Jell-O Mold Competition

The photos from this Brooklyn Jello-O competition are awesome and even somewhat appetizing, which is saying something in terms of me and gelatin. The jewels look so REAL. More photos here.

Laptop Hunters, Porn Edition

This parody of the Microsoft Laptop Hunters commercial focuses on the search for the perfect PC calibrated to suit all your porn viewing needs.

Nutty and Tony

Nutty the squirrel and a builder named Tony, from Stockport in Greater Manchester, are pretty much best friends.

Hot Dude Tofu

A different kind of tofu that's popular in Japan is getting American distribution. It's called otokomae and means "handsome man" in Japan.

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