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June 24, 2009

What Kind of Pocket Are You?

I bet you didn't even know you were a kind of pocket! All the more reason to urgently take this quiz, and find out exactly what kind of a pocket you are.


Cute Japanese squirrel costume comes with an oddly large crotch appendage.

Who Invited the Ninja?

Don't you hate it when you have the courtesy to invite the White Ninja to dinner, and he just shows up and karate chops everything?

Penis Chandelier

Nothing says posh like a glittery dong-shaped chandelier.

Guess The Toilet

This is a roundup of toilets from across the globe (thankfully, these are mostly nice, not awful and scary). Can you guess where they're from?

The World's Greatest Bathrooms

For every 5,000 Port-A-Potties, there is one really awesome, tricked-out bathroom waiting to provide relief to the masses. That ratio may not be exact. These bathrooms are worth your time, however.

The World's Worst Toilets

Take an enlightening tour around some of the absolute worst bathrooms in the world. Then take a moment to tell your indoor, porcelain, snake-free facility that you love it.

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