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June 9, 2009

A Girl's Best Friend [NSFW]

Time for another book recommendation! My well-worn copy of A Girl's Best Friend, by John Kellerman, has seen me through some tough times - but it never fails to teach me something new each time I read it!

Emma Watson Is Legal

I guess she has been for a year now, but Jesus Christ, Hermione has been on a roll lately picture-wise. Somewhere, a Warner Brothers exec is crying over his "family film" gone to seed, but really, look at her. It's not her fault.

Ladybug Taint

Ladybug taint is an odd flavor that comes from having ladybug taints all up in your wine.

Top 10 Megan Fox Quotes

Bitch is growin' on me! The bi-stoner and self-proclaimed "doppelganger for Alan Alda" is not vapid, as her impossible beauty would normally indicate. In fact, she's kind of awesome. Also, part of me wants to kill her, and part of me wants to be friends with her -- is that healthy?

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