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June 3, 2009

Mickey Mouse Ungloved

This is an actual ad for Disneyland Paris. The idea is that they are humanizing Mickey Mouse and the Disneyland experience by taking his glove off and revealing his freakish deformo hand.

Sex Toys for Furries [NSFW]

Peggy is the resident Furry expert at BuzzFeed, but she is on tour with her band, which means that this awkward and disturbing public service announcement falls to me.

Han Solo P.I.

Han Solo and Magnum, P.I. mashup and a scene by scene comparison of the original Magnum, P.I. opening and the mashup. YouTube - now with DVD Extras!

Movie Remakes We Are Still Waiting For

Hollywood is doing a pretty decent job of turning every toy, TV show, or movie you loved as a child/overgrown child into yet another feature-length film. Here are the favorites they've overlooked:

High on Jesus

Like, seriously - really, really high on Jesus. This is the kind of happiness you can only get from the Bible.

Eldora Speedway

What's your least favorite thing the internet hath wrought? Submit yours — a link, a video

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