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June 19, 2009

10 Ridiculous PSA's About Crack

You don't hear too many PSA's about crack these days. Today's PSA's are about boring drugs like weed and alcohol. So let's take a minute to remember the harder stuff.

Bernadette Chirac Gets Angry

Watch former French President Jacques Chirac get blasted by his wife for blatantly hitting on someone during her speech.


The first mobile Augmented Reality browser for your Android cellphone premiers in the Netherlands.

Toilet Golf

The Potty Putter is a miniature golf game you can play while taking a dump.

Top 10 Animated Cars of All-Time

Cars cars we all love cars especially those animated cars that can take the impossible and make it real in a Saturday morning cartoon or a big screen movie. Hat tip to Autoblog for the inspiration.

Ugly Girlfriends

Bacardi has launched a promotional mini-site touting ugly girlfriends to be the hot new summer accessory.

Racist Daily Mail Poll

Today's installment of Twitter Justice is brought to you by British newspaper The Daily Mail, whose race-baiting poll of the day has angered the ever-vigilant Twitter watchdog community.

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