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June 30, 2009


A puzzle game and a platformer all in one. Each time you step on a block, it disappears. But the only way to get to the next room is to get rid of all the blocks. The whole thing is kind of Sisyphean and depressing.

LEGO Arcade

Classic '80s arcade games recreated using LEGO and stop-motion animation.

Cute Spring Romper

Click through to see the embellishment that really makes this shortsuit special.

David S. Rohde

New York Times journalist David Rohde was kidnapped by the Taliban 7 months ago, but the story's only just seeing the light of day, following Rohde's daring escape from his captors.

Fancy Fast Food

A site that reconstructs typical fast food meals into delectable gourmet dishes.


A guy who has Progeria and sings rap songs.

Knight Rider Light Show

Some students at Wroclaw University of Technology came up with this college dorm light show.

Pirate Bay Sold for $7.8 Million

Torrent-sharing pioneers and Internet cause celebre The Pirate Bay have officially been acquired by a Swedish software company called Global Gaming Factory for $7.8 million. Not a hell of a lot of money to pay for one of the world's top 100 sites, but given its legal troubles, it's somewhat surprising that it was sold at all.

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