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June 23, 2009

Burger King Blow Job Ad

Burger King runs an audacious new ad that basically hits you over the head (dickslaps you in the face?) with its blow job innuendos.

Wooden iPod

Here's something you need: Your iPod to be made out of wood.

Autotune the Sports

"Press Hop" is a compilation of favorite and controversial sports moments mashed into one coherent song.

The Best Celebrity Impersonators of 2009

Last week I posted an ill-informed and badly researched list of what I thought were the worst celebrity impersonators. I apologize for it now because I didn't understand the impersonating industry. From your comments I learned a lot. I learned there's a difference between impersonators and look-alike's. I learned that it really isn't fair to judge a persons career based on one stupid picture. I also learned that being an impersonator is a great job where you can make a lot of money (way way more $ than me!) I learned about the talent it takes to make a good impersonator. There's a lot of up keep! Lastly, I learned about the Reel Awards. Each year industry professionals award people in the industry for their impersonations. This list is actually the 13 winners from this years ceremony. They're the cream of the crop. One last thing: Make sure you check out their websites. This site has some great impersonators. How funny would it be to have a MiMi impersonator at your party! lol


A literal exploration of the phenomenon of synesthesia (experiencing one sense through the medium of another) by Terri Timely.

A Bat to the Face

Kid gets inadvertently hit with a baseball bat, proceeds to fall over.

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