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December 21, 2009

Oh, woops.

This is one of Brittany Murphy's final interviews given just weeks before she died.

You're not the only one that's irked by the way Subway underutilizes their triangular cheese slices.

16-year-old Marvadene Anderson is 6'11 and still growing.

The decade may have sucked, but its been a great one for crazy/stupid/hilarious celebrity quotes. Here are 50 of the best of them.

The PHYSICAL portable form of Wikipedia (that doesn't need Wi-Fi) is available for $99.

What if we could all just have little kittens inside our computers that shooed away all the viruses and computer worms?

A little bit of PhotoShop magic turns plain Jane Alyssa Milano into an angel descended directly from heaven to grace Jersey Shore with her fake tan and pouty lips.

Cute or cruel: putting a treat inside of a kleenex box and watching your poor cat stumble around aimlessly with a box on its head for two whole minutes while laughing hysterically.

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