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December 2, 2009

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It's Britney Spears' birthday today!!!! This used to be a major holiday for me. I'd celebrate with some kind of cake and make my friends come over and sing happy birthday to "Britney." Soooo, in celebration of this great day, I thought I'd share some insane artifacts from my past. This should show you just how obsessed I was...

It's amazing what people can do with a few bucks, a digital camera, and a healthy amount of boredom.

Expertly edited together from sound bytes in "Rogue Warrior," MC Mickey Rourke brings the fresh beats once you beat the game.

Or best license plate ever?

Kalika Moquin is a marketing manager for The Bank nightclub in Las Vegas, and the third woman to be linked to Tiger Woods in an affair.

The latest viral buzz from

Guy breaks out his phone to update his Twitter and Facebook status before kissing his bride.

There's a future Lady GooGoo GaGa in here somewhere.

Let's just assume that you don't watch HSN on a regular basis: here are some unintentionally hilarious highlights of P Diddy hawking his "Unforgiveable" perfume and fleece robes.

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