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December 17, 2009

How To Get Fired From Microsoft

I have no way of knowing whether this is fake or not, but it's a damn good story, and it fits with what I imagine working at Microsoft might be like. Bing, bitches! (Via Cyn-C.)

CERN's Apocalyptic Twitter Feed

CERN has been using their twitter account to keep the public updated with the goings-on of the Large Hadron Collider.

The 15 Funniest Local News Reports Of 2009

Here are some of the most memorable local news segments of the year. I am officially inducting the Cleveland bear recreation into the "Local News Hall Of Fame." It will forever live in infamy with Bubb Rubb and the Leprechaun in Alabama.

The 10 Best Christmas Rap Songs

Rapping about Christmas doesn't seem very "street", but as soon as you throw in a few f-bombs and some references to hanging mistletoe above penises, you'll realize how bad-ass Christmas really can be.

Design A New York Condom!

The New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is sick and tired of its iconic NYC condom wrappers!

Ode to the Lost Sheep

A woeful orchestral masterpiece dedicated to sheep.

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