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December 16, 2009

Spencer Pratt has released, via Twitter, the cover for his new CD, I'm A Celebrity.

Rapper T.I. is working on the most anticipated hip hop album since R. Kelly's On Bail Pending Statutory Rape Charges.

Sex tape fail!

This video is old but it's adorbz so who cares.

The real question is: why wasn't the Batmobile a limo in the first place?

Just a bunch of bizarre vintage video clips stitched together to make one long pointless but awesome compilation of WTFness.

Crotch-peepers have been coming out in droves to Union Square Park. Here are some of their techniques, analyzed.

Finally, we have a celebrity in the mix.

These two seem happy. I'm guessing she said yes?

Movers were spotted at Tiger Woods' house yesterday, hauling out furniture and taking directions from Elin.

Donna Campbell, who has just been kicked out of her home, is searching for her husband Arnim Ramdass so that she can serve him with divorce papers.

This is a shitty remix of "Bad Romance."

It took me way too long to figure this one out.

The Federal Reserve Chairman is Time's 2009 Man Of The Year.

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