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December 8, 2009

The Internet Is ...

I knew most of this already, but you might be surprised to find out some of the things that the Internet actually is. (Via.)

The 35 Worst Straight-to-DVD Sequels Of The 2000s

All of these movies have something in common: they shouldn't exist.

Clock Dude

Why bother going to all the trouble of getting an electric clock when you can just pay a man to sit behind your clock face and paint on the time as it happens?

Keyboard Stickers

In case your computer setup isn't precious enough yet, this keyboard sticker design from Chris Delorenzo will help you turn the twee-factor right up to 11. B is for Bowie, bitches. Don't you forget it. (Via.)

Japanese Subway Etiquette

A pretty adorable ad campaign from Japan politely asking people to not do the weird things that people apparently do in Japanese subways. (Via Copyranter.)

2009 In Auto Tune

This video is so awesome.

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