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December 22, 2009

Surgery sucked! But this picture made it all worth it.

V Magazine features a spread where a "normal" model and a "plus-size" model wear the same thing, side by side.

A list of the year's most adorable YouTube animals, as determined by science.

Kim Peek, the inspiration behind Dustin Hoffman's autistic character in Rain Man, died this past weekend.

Amanda Palmer defends art in song form from her kitchen. In a bustier.

See The Chive for more photos of drunk people with stuff stacked on them.

New dinosaur, you guys! According to new fossils, the Sinornithosaurus was a turkey-sized raptor with grooved fangs that delivered venom so he could eat his prey alive.

Yung Dick's rap is the new skinny jeans anthem.

The latest viral buzz from

The Sun claims Brittany Murphy was addicted to painkillers after several cosmetic surgeries.

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