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December 4, 2009

April Ryan Vs. Robert Gibbs (Video)

April Ryan, a reporter for American Urban Radio exchange, just got in kind of a nasty argument with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs regarding social secretary Desiree Rogers' role in that whole gate crasher thing.

Are You Sh*tting Me?

With a commercial like this, James Perry should easily win Mayor of New Orleans.

Forest Temple (Game Battle)

This one's all about multitasking.

David Foster Wallace Grammar Challenge!

Hey, you know what's fun? Grammar.

Droppy (Game Battle)

Help the depressive Droppy perform basic tasks.

Legalize It, Obama!

At a town hall meeting today, a student from a Pennsylvania community college brought up the issue that we've all been wondering about but were too afraid to personally ask the President. (Via.)

Ambien Sex

Ambien sex is the newest thing or something!


And so it begins ... (Via.)

Farmer Discovers 'Holy Egg'

Okay guys, this one's legit. A farmer found a lumpy egg with a cross on it.

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