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October 22, 2010

The Most Clever Condom Advertisements (NSFW)

Believe it or not creativity goes hand in hand with condoms! That's why art directors and copywriters have a field day when working on condom ads. Here are a few clever ads that may just convince you to play it safe!

14 Fast Food Items Not Available In The U.S. That Should Be

Burger King recently released a Nacho the Netherlands. It's not available stateside. The amount of sense this makes is in the Bret Easton Ellis realm, because it's less than zero. The Nacho Whopper would clog U.S. drive thrus faster than it would clog U.S. blood holes (science lingo). Here are a bunch of fast foods only available abroad which need to emigrate to my mouth.

No Hobo: Pics, Videos, Links, News

No Hobo: No hobo, but I think I'll sleep in a doorway tonight. Perfect for those situations in which you act in such a way that it might be misconstrued that you are, in fact, a hobo...Twitter Search - #nohobo...

Viral Wars Update!

My instinct here is to just inundate you with obnoxious military metaphors, but maybe I'll spare you that for now and cut to the chase. Viral Wars is off to a great start! EpicFailTheMovie is in the lead with 6,199 viral views (that's views to the post that come from outside of BuzzFeed.) Click through for a bit more analysis, but more importantly, take a sec to enter the contest! This thing is pretty much wide open right now, and the prizes are legitimately awesome. All you need to do to win is post stuff and share it.

Carve Your Own Pumpkin!

Do this! Ze Frank has created an awesome pumpkin-carving interface. If you are artistic, there's a version where you can draw your carving directly onto the pumpkin. If, like me, you have more physical beauty than design skillz, the webcam pumpkin will help you to carve a silhouette of yourself. Pick one, and upload the results below!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van IRL

23-year-old Brittney Schneck converted her '94 Dodge Caravan into a convincing replica of the classic mean, green turtle machine. The old adage is true—when life gives you '94 Dodge Caravans, make turtle vans.

Man On Abbey Road Cover Doesn't Like The Beatles

Imagine never having listened to Abbey Road. No, imagine never having listened to Abbey Road but being featured right on the cover. Paul Cole was accidentally included in the album as he watched the foursome one by one cross the street while on vacation in London. He thought they were just 4 "kooks." Yes, just 4 world renowned kooks!

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