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October 8, 2010

Muscle Women

These women just don’t understand the concept of moderation. It’s okay to be fit, but when you look like Popeye maybe you can afford to skip the gym once a week.

The Original Witch Of Politics

It may come as a surprise that Christine O’Donnell isn’t the first witch to run for office. Hillary will always be the original.

Food Package Fashion

Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite brand of cat food? Well, now you can. French designer and environmentalist, Katell Gelebert has created a line of clothes made from various food packaging. Full bodied advertising may be the next craze. (via )

Facebook Friends Beware

With this week's overhaul of Facebook features, users will need to be extra diligent about who their friends are. It seems that anyone on your friends list can add you to a group. Who knows, you may end up on the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg!

North Korea Passes The Torch

It has just been confirmed that Kim Jong Il's youngest son will succeed him as the next leader of North Korea. I guess that means they won't be getting a Justin Bieber concert anytime soon.

Babies Love The Internet Too!

According to a study conducted by security firm AVG, one in four babies have an online presence before they are even born and 92% (in the U.S.) by the time they reach two. This next generation will probably have their Facebook profile on their birth certificate!

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