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October 19, 2010

Cats That Look Like Demons

Unfortunately, these cats aren't dressed up for Halloween… they always look this way. I guess some people like to have a little scare every time they come home to the family pet.

My New Favorite CGI News Report

Just when you thought you were over these things...this report about "The Internet" might just renew your faith in those computer-animation geniuses over in Taiwan.

A History Of Ridiculous Reality Dating Shows

It takes a special type of person to go on a show like “Millionaire Matchmaker” or “Parental Control.” Over the years, it seems they’ve just about used up every unique way to awkwardly play matchmaker on television. Here’s a history of the shows you love to hate and just can’t seem to stop watching.

Fan-Made Blade Runner Chess Set

Well, it's not replicants or flying cars but at least SOMEONE is trying to bring us the future. Not that I'm bitter at all, Science.

Marvel Superheroes Get TRON-ified

In anticipation of, TRON: LEGACY, Marvel announced that its biggest superhero franchises would get special TRON-style variant covers in November. Awesome things like this happen when geek worlds collide.

Mom Raps About Foreclosure

This mom is sick of banks taking our homes and pocketing all the money, so she decided to rap about it. And when moms start rappin' about somethin', you know it's real bad.

The Essay Rickroll

When Redditor Mayniac182 suspected his teacher wasn't actually reading his essays, he did what any normal computer science student would do. He spent 8 hours formatting it into a Rickroll to see if his teacher would notice.

Getting Wasted at Starbucks

A Starbucks in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is going to start serving beer and wine after 4pm.

World's First Billion-Dollar Home

The richest business man in India has built the world’s first billion dollar home. What exactly does a $1 billion dollar home get you? Three helipads, your own air traffic control, a six-floor car park, a staff of 600, a four-storey hanging garden and a cinema. Not bad for a family of 5!

Cat Binner Pleads Guilty

Mary Bale, the woman who was seen bizarrely petting a cat and then tossing it into a garbage bin has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. Cat lovers the world over can now breathe a sigh of relief. We are all hoping the sentence will fit this unspeakable crime!

Clown: The Movie

I want clowns to be the new vampire, but they're just not sexy enough.

BuzzedFeed: Was It Worth It?: Pics, Videos, Links, News

BuzzedFeed: Was It Worth It?: Last Friday, BuzzFeed conducting a unique experiment testing the boundaries between publishing and drinking , which we called BuzzedFeed. Now, in the clear (sober) light of day, we sit back and wonder: Was consuming mass...

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