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October 4, 2010

Your Facebook Wall IRL

This would make an awesome poster for your wall. Who knew you had so many “friends!” What a great ego boost.

Two Kardashians: One Dress

Could there be anything worse for the Kardashians than wearing the same dress? Hey ladies, ever think of checking in with each other occasionally? This is a big fashion gaffe, especially when one pulls it off just a little bit better than the other.

Twitter's Gone To The Dogs

Ever wonder what your pooch is doing when you leave the house? With Mattel's new dog tag, Puppy Tweets, your beloved pet can now tweet. The puppy tag detects your pet's movements and sends tweets to their very own Twitter page. Invite your friends cause you wouldn't them to miss out on "a day in the life ... "

“The Social Network” Tops Box Office

On its opening weekend, the film managed to pull in $23 million and received many positive reviews, with a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. The whole Facebook crew went to see the film as well, even though Zuckerberg himself was noticeably absent.

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