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October 18, 2010

The Babes Of Social Media

As a special request from one of the Hottest Guys In Tech, we have followed up with the social media babes. These are the women giving the tech guys some serious competition.

Vagina After Dentist

Here we go again. This video gives every other “after dentist” video a run for its money.

Dumpster Diving Monkey

A ruffian monkey in New Delhi attacks a guy for his iPhone 4 after rooting through some trash.

Famous Skulls

Romanian artist Istvan Laszlo specializes in drawing the skulls of famous people. Lenin, without a doubt, has the most frightening skull I have ever seen. On second thought, I haven't really seen too many skulls.

Gene Simmons Threatens Anonymous

In response to the attack on, which took the site offline intermittently, Gene Simmons now has a message for the "hackers" responsible. "We will soon be printing their names and pictures. We will find you. You cannot hide." Apparently, Simmons fails to realize the power of Anonymous. This isn't going to be pretty.

Facebook Privacy In Question: Info Leaked to Advertisers

Looks like Facebook has found itself in some hot water. It turns out that 10 popular applications on the site have been stealing personal information from users and in some cases, users' friends. With Facebook suddenly in the news almost on a daily basis, you have to wonder whether this is a publicity stunt ... or what?

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