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October 29, 2010

Pumpple Cake

Get ready to die happy. Why choose between pumpkin pie, apple pie, and cake when you can eat them all at once!

25 Cloaked Cats

There's no reason your favorite feline should be left out of all the Halloween fun. Whether your cat is dressing up this Halloween as Zorro or Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, a cape always adds that extra special touch.

Go! Bwaah! Dubstep Remix

Here is the official dubstep remix of Go! Bwaah! Also known as the greatest video on the Internet at the present moment.

The Most Scandalous Halloween Costumes For Kids

Just picture one of these coming up to your door. Were their parents sleep walking when they went to pick out this year’s costume? Maybe the ol’ pillowcase ghost would have been a better choice.

Wireless Internet Comes To Mount Everest

Planning a trip to Mount Everest? Well rest assured, you will now be able to tag those pictures of yourself going up the mountain before you even get down. Nepali mobile network operator Ncell has installed the first 3G base station at the summit of Mount Everest. Looks like technology has reached its highest peak!

Ark. School Official Resigns After Anti-Gay Posting

Clint McCance, the Ark. School Board member who posted on his Facebook that he thinks gay youths should kill themselves has apologized and decided to resign. Wonder what motivated this change of heart, possibly the death threats? Looks like the tables have turned.

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