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October 7, 2010

109 Cats In Sweaters

Plus one cat in a poncho!!! I really hope you like cats in sweaters, otherwise this is not going to be fun for you.

Super Definition Generator

Don't you hate it when you look up a word in the dictionary and have to look up more words because the definition is convoluted? Never fear! The Super Definition Generator is here.

Camilo Villegas Goes Nude For ESPN

Golfer Camilo Villegas is heating up the golf course with his sexy nude cover for ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue.” And in his famous “Spiderman” pose no less. I'm glad he is putting all of his assets out there.

Bunnies In Costume

People dress up their cats and dogs for Halloween, so why not their rabbits? Here are some cottontails dressed up in all sorts of fluffy garb!

Giant Fruits And Veggies

Giant fruits and veggies could definitely end world hunger. Just one of these giant squashes could feed the neighborhood for weeks. They might even make a great home for someone special.

Yay Keanu!

Oh look how happy his is, skipping down the street with his little camera. D'awww

Hello, Ladies

Look at your man, now back to me. Sadly he does not smile like me.

Michael Jackson Scarecrows Are Real

And we thought they were just a myth. A Taiwanese salesman has constructed scarecrows resembling the King of Pop positioned in his famous crotch grab to chase away birds in his parents' fields in central Taiwan. When the crows see this, they'll beat it...and perhaps there will even be a choreographed dance number! (via)

Toxic Sludge Has Reached The Danube River

The toxic sludge that burst out of a metals plant reservoir in Hungary has gone from bad to worse. The Sludge has now reached the Danube River and could potentially threaten half a dozen nations. The spill is one of the top three environmental disasters to hit Europe in 20 or 30 years. Fish have already been affected in one town. Scary!

What Did Facebook Really Announce?

Facebook rolled out yesterday one of the most complicated product updates in its brief history. In short, their goal is to build a social platform that can handle anything. What's new? Take a look.

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