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October 28, 2010

No Cheating

The most effective way to inhibit your peripheral vision.

The Best of Boo

The greatest hits of the dog with the Facebook page and the flattop fade. He's kind of like Maru, but with enough cute to be the Anti-Christ.

Classic Frat Bros

Finally, a Tumblr dedicated to the glory of being a fraternity brother. I kind of hope this gets turned into a television show. Then again, it might be bad for humanity.

Bear Chases Zombie Bison

Just in time for Halloween! But seriously, this photo was snapped by an employee in Yellowstone Park as a bear chased a half mauled bison.

25 Sexy Sweaters

It’s finally sweater weather! And nothing compliments that Octobeard like a fierce, sexy sweater. However, this selection may be a little more fierce than sexy.

Heart Throb Magazines Then & Now

In a world that has serious Bieber Fever, it’s hard to imagine that any other teen idol ever graced the covers of our teen heart throb mags. Let's take a look back 10 years and see!

Peace Through Face Sitting

A 29-year-old Brooklyn native has started a movement in Union Square, where everyday from 2 to 6 p.m., he will let you sit on his face, all in the name of world peace.

Mom Kills Baby Over Farmville

A Florida mother took her Farmville obsession way too far when she shook her three-month baby to death because he was "interrupting" her game.

Movin' Like Bernie

The dance sensation based on the 1989 film Weekend at Bernie's that you've all been waiting for is finally here.

Exploding MacBook Air

Since the release of the new second generation MacBook Air, this guy renders his old one completely pointless.

New Short Film Shot Entirely With A Cell Phone

A new action-packed thriller has just been released. What's different about, "The Commuter," is that it's been shot with Nokia's new flagship smartphone, The Nokia N8. Directed by the McHenry brothers and starring Pamela Anderson, Dev Patel and Ed Westwick. it looks like the movie business may be moving into uncharted territory!

Obama Reaches Out to Voters on 'The Daily Show'

Obama made an appearance on Jon Stewart’s, ‘The Daily Show,’ in a last ditch effort to get young voters to the polls. In a direct quote, president said, "When we promised change you can believe in, it wasn't in 18 months. It was change we were going to have to work on." The message here is simply, vote!

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