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October 27, 2010

27 Nerd Zombies

When there's no more room in hell, the dork shall walk the earth. As you might guess, there's a big overlap in the zombie community and the nerd community, and Halloween is better off for it.

The Best Group Halloween Costumes

Halloween is much more fun when you're dressing up and embarrassing yourself with friends and family. Here are some group costumes that will make you want to buddy up.

Oh so very Punny

What is this post about? That's right, puns. Orange you glad I warned you?

Cat in a Happy Meal Bag

Oh my god! Can you believe that in Japan, they give out real cats as toys with their Happy Meals?

Red Shirt Guy Asks The Nerdiest Question Ever

You nerds probably all know the answer to this question. Like, you probably have been wondering the same thing yourself, but you were too afraid to ask a panel of World of Warcraft game designers. Red Shirt Guy just showed you all up.

Official Walking Dead Trailer

Coming from a girl who has to watch horror movies in broad daylight with every light in the house on, this looks freaking amazing.

What Kind Of Therapy Do You Need?

Did you know how many alternative therapies there were to choose from out there? Pick your poison! I think I'll stay away from Colonic Irrigation. (Click image to enlarge)

The New MySpace

MySpace will roll out a brand new interface to its users beginning today. Everything from the homepage to profiles will transform MySpace from a social network into a "social entertainment destination." Is this the right move? Take a look for yourself!

Portal Shirt

Using LEDs, a video camera and copious amounts of free time, Ben Heck made a fully functioning see-through T-shirt.

First Rule Of Facebook

Seriously, no one cares if that song lyric as your status "accurately captures your thoughts on laundry day".

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