BuzzFeed's Viral Wars


For too long, an uncertain peace has prevailed amongst the warlike citizens of BuzzFeed ... but the time has now arrived for the vicious, bloody battle that we have all yearned for in the secret places of our hearts... VIRAL WARS!

The Rules
  • OK, here's how this works. It's really simple!
  • Sign up for the contest using the box above.

    Once you receive a confirmation email, start posting buzz to your profile and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit - anywhere you can think of around the Web that will bring traffic to your posts.

    Only traffic that comes from sites other than BuzzFeed will be counted towards your score.
  • The most viral posts by the end of the contest win!

    Post as many times as you like (but don't spam the site with crap, or it'll be removed). Only your most viral post will be eligible to compete for the prizes.
  • Use your Viral Dashboard to see how your posts are doing.

  • Follow your progress on the leaderboard! The five winners will be announced on November 12.
  • And that's it! Let's go to war!!!
  • (Metaphorically speaking. We would never really go to war with you. We think you're swell. We should hang out sometime and get a coffee or something.)
The Prizes