• 1. Nacho Whopper (Burger King, Netherlands)

    Whopper with nacho chips, jalapenos and “Mexican sauce.”

  • 2. Camembert Premiere (McDonald’s, France)

    Fried French cheese nuggets.

  • 3. Cheese Catsu Burger (McDonald’s, Japan)

    Fried pork filled with cheese, served with tonkatsu sauce.

  • 4. Chicken Buriyani (KFC, Sri Lanka)

    Fried chicken, buriyani (briyani) rice and curry gravy.

  • 5. Cordon Bleu Burger (McDonald’s Poland)

    Burger topped with ham-stuffed fried chicken patty and bacon.

  • 6. Tender Beef Pentagon (KFC, China)

    Tortilla filled with Schezuan beef, tortilla chips, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

  • 7. Egg Tarts (KFC, China)

    Pastry cups filled with egg custard.

  • 8. McArabia (McDonald’s, Morocco)

    Two grilled Kofta patties, tahini sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Wrapped in Arabic bread

  • 9. McLobster Roll (McDonald’s, Canada)

    Lobster salad on a roll. (Also available in Maine and other parts of New England, but that hardly counts as America)

  • 10. Mega Tomago (McDonald’s, Japan)

    Double Big Mac with with an egg patty and bacon.

  • 11. Das Nürnburger (McDonald’s, Germany)

    Triple bratwurst sandwich.

  • 12. Golden Fortune (Pizza Hut, Malaysia)

    Shrimp, crab stick, fish, pineapple, lime and cheesy dough bite pizza.

  • 13. Shrimp & Chicken Sandwich (KFC, China)

    Fried chicken patty stuffed with shrimp.

  • 14. Septuple Whopper (Burger King, Japan)

    Seven patty Whopper, released in conjunction with Windows 7.