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December 10, 2008

Environment Saved by New Font

Eco Sans has a bunch of little holes cut out of the letters to save ink in you printer. This will reverse all of global warming. We'll be wearing sweaters in Cancun by Valentine's Day.

The Cat Elevator

French cats are smarter than American cats because they can train their owners to let them in and out of the house via elaborate elevator mechanisms.

Peeping Tom Statues

A pair of dirty-minded statues who refuse to let some innocent girls have their underwear party in peace.

Old Lady Beats Up Panhandler

There are so many things wrong with this video. #1 Old ladies should never be this violent. #2 You should never hit anyone on crutches. #3 The guy is homeless?! #4 The guy filming this thinks it's funny. #5 I don't blame him. It is.

When Rhinos Attack

A training video from the Tokyo Zoo to prepare employees in the event that a giant cardboard rhino attacks zoogoers. Seriously, these guys are prepared for anything.

Revenge on a Tow Truck

File this one under Revenge Fantasies for anyone who's ever had their car towed. A rogue SUV driver in Shanghai decides to take matters into her own hands when a tow truck driver tries to enforce a parking violation.

"How to Eat" Videos

Instructional videos that show you how to properly eat messy and complicated foods.

Broccoli Kitten Loves Broccoli

The thing about Broccoli Kitten is that he's really, really into broccoli. Don't, for instance, try to take his broccoli away from him. That pisses him off.

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