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December 31, 2008


An over-the-counter pill that claims to prevent hangovers if taken before drinking.

Jack's Favorite Trends of 2008

Try not to judge me too much on this, but these were, legitimately, my favorite things that happened on the Internet this year.

The 12 Most Viral Web Stories of 2008

Let the roundups begin! OK, fine, let the roundups continue - we've only got another day or so of this. Jonah has a retrospective over at Huffington Post of the most unstoppably viral web stories that we encountered in 2008.

Erin Williams

Who is Whitney Port's sidekick on The City? The mystery unravels.

Illinois Furniture Store Ad

I can't vouch for their actual product, but this furniture store in Illinois has a certifiable genius writing copy for their print ads.

United States of Tara

Showtime has a free episode up of this Diablo Cody/Toni Collette/Steven Spielberg series, which premieres on January 18th.

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