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December 15, 2008

Collection of Creepy Animals

In honor of the 1,000, primarily creepy new species that were discovered in the Greater Mekong this week, let's create a collection of the scariest-looking animals of all time.

Hot eBay Models

Here's my own list of hot models, that I've compiled from my lengthy hours of perusing vintage clothing on eBay.

Pub Golf

It must be a UK thing -- visit 18 different pubs, in 18 different locations, drinking 18 different previously-specified achoholic drinks. Deduct two points if you puke.

Throwing Stuff at Bush

Well, that didn't take long. Here's a collection of some of the animated gifs that are being made of Bush getting beaned by stuff in the aftermath of yesterday's shoe-throwing incident. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can send us your own and we'll add it to the collection.

How to Snare a Man!

Ladies, pay attention. This video will walk you through the difficult and sometimes confusing process of snaring yourself a man.

Sondra Fortunato

Everyone's trying to find out more about Sondra Fortunato on Google today. Sondra Fortunato is a Giants superfan who was forcibly removed from the game this weekend because her outfit was offending other people in the stadium.

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