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December 29, 2008


A cool Windows-only Photoshop filter that extracts the hidden fractal texture of an image to create totally psychadelic effects.

Diamond Suicides

Depressed diamond workers in India are committing suicide en masse - so far, 9 in 15 days.

Passive Houses

Homes that use "recycled heat" to heat themselves are becoming popular in Germany and Scandinavia.

Pit Bull and Kitten in Love

You can tell that they're in love because of the sappy Frank Sinatra soundtrack. Also because they can't seem to keep their paws off of each other. I can't wait until they make this hopeless romance into a feature film.

High Exhaust Pipes

If you thought 24-inch rims were pointless, check this out. Pimping your car just gets more and more ridiculous.

Sharell Butler

Sharell Butler is a big search term on Google this morning, as people try to get to the bottom of two gruesome murders that the babyfaced 15-year-old from the Bronx is accused of committing.

Capoeira Fights

This Afro-Brazilian art of fighting features some very eloquent, dance-like moves.

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