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December 4, 2008

Nintendo's Racial Slur

Nintendo is facing a PR crisis this week after a copy of the DS game Animal Crossing Wild World was sent out to media with an embarrassing, racially charged error in the programming.

"Circus," Britney Spears' New Music Video

Because just about anything Britney Spears does is newsworthy. Check out the real, high quality version of "Circus." Better or worse than "Womanizer?" I'm thinking better.

Barack's Questionable Taste

He may be a brilliant leader, but recent evidence that Barack Obama is also a Zune enthusiast has profoundly shaken America's confidence in the President Elect's ability to make hip purchasing decisions.

Romanian Debate Gets Ugly

Two candidates for Romanian Parliament end up throwing water at each other during a televised debate. I can't understand exactly what they're saying, but I think they disagree with each other.

Stop Carlos Mencia

Comedians and artists from around the world lend their voices to the cause of stopping Carlos Mencia in this hate ballad.


A site that cartoonizes (in various styles) any photo you upload.

Barack Obama Uses a Zune

A scandal that could have rocked the presidential election came to light yesterday as a result of an innocuous interview at the gym between the President Elect and a reporter for the Philadelphia City Paper.

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