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December 22, 2008

Catholic Google

A new way for Catholics to search the Web without finding anything that might tempt them to do un-Catholic things.

5-Year-Old Has a Cooking Show

Five-year-old Julian Kreusser has his own cooking show in Portland called The Big Kitchen with Food, which is the last piece of proof I needed that my culinary skills are worse than a First Grader's. Julian's show - a big hit online today after a front-page article in The Oregonian - features comprehensive instructions on delicious dishes that are easy to prepare, as well as various segments in which Julian forgets what he's talking about and asks his mom for help.

Fake Hymens

An insertable contraption that expands and squirts an oozey blood-like substance upon penetration.

Fake Thundercats Trailer

A guy crafted a trailer frame-by-frame using digitally altered footage of Vin Diesel, Hugh Jackman, and Brad Pitt.

Nigella Lawson's XXXMas

Someone's gone and made a dirty montage from British chef Nigella Lawson's show into food porn.

Live Tweeting a Plane Crash

When Mike Wilson's plane slid off a runway in Denver during takeoff and burst into flames last night, one of his first instincts was to get out his phone and update his Twitter profile with his reactions to the chaos that was going on around him.


The iBreath is an accessory for your iPod that functions just like a breathalyzer. To use the iBreath, you just exhale into the attachment, and your iPod will tell you what your blood-alcohol content is in seconds. If you're over the limit, it sets off a handy little alarm to let you know it's time to pull over the car and sleep in a ditch somewhere.

Grumpy Santas

Here's a roundup of grumpy santas to put you in that cantankerous Christmas mood.

Dog Treat Torture

Japanese game show takes animal cruelty of the cutest form to epic heights.

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