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December 30, 2008

Wallpaper Body Art

Australian artist Emma Hack has a very cool series of naked people painted so that they blend into the wallpaper.

Stamina Pillows

Pillows with ugly people on them to help you last longer.

Weather Guy Slips

The Weather Channel's Mike Sidell slipped and fell while reporting live for MSNBC this weekend.

Kitten Oxygen Masks

After a house fire in Leicester, England, Firefighters used baby oxygen masks to revive 6 kittens who were suffering from smoke inhalation. Super cute!

Joy Division Street

I love this picture. May be a scary place to hang out though - if it lives up to its name, everyone who spends time there will be destined either to kill themselves or to make synth-heavy new wave for the rest of their lives.


The drug commonly used to treat glaucoma actually gives you longer thicker lashes as a desired side effect.

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