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May 9, 2011

Hydrate Jirate

Leslie Hall, she of Tight Pants/Body Rolls super-stardom, returns with a new jam about dampness and danceness. She wants to get moist all up in this bitch!

Shit My Students Write

Ever get paranoid that your teachers were passing around your work in the faculty lounge and laughing about you behind your back? The Tumblr Shit My Students Write confirms that paranoia. To paraphrase one of the students quoted below, this is jaw-dropping, yet at the same time not at all surprising. Much more evidence of our doomed future over at Shit My Students Write.

Gotta Share, The Musical

Courtesy of Improv Everywhere, a musical where everyone breaks into song about the basic human need to share the mundane details of our lives on social networks.

Gotta Share: The Surprise Musical

The latest spontaneous public musical from Improv Everywhere, this time a social media song and dance that breaks out at the GEL Conference. Catchy, nerdy and cute.

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