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May 18, 2011

5 Things To Do If You Get Left Behind In The Rapture (Illustrated By Cute Animals!)

If you're reading this after Saturday, it means that the evangelicals are all gone and, worse - they were right the whole time. Don't you feel like an asshole? Oh, and also, sucks about all those earthquakes and the pestilence and the locusts, huh?

Maria Shiver & Arnold Schwarzenegger Commemorative Vase

This beautiful vase went up on sale on Craigslist a few months ago. It's a wonderful tribute to what once was. Some lucky bastard owns this invaluable collector's item!

Every Instance Of MacGyver’s Craftiness

The folks at Fathom Info have taken it upon themselves to create MacRecipes, a comprehensive directory of every single one of MacGyver’s hacks, tricks, and diversions over the course of all seven seasons of MacGyver. Raddest. Thing. Ever. (Via)

The Birth Certificate Of Arnold's Love Child

Obtained by TMZ, here's what they say is the birth certificate of Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger's child. Baena's former husband is listed as the father. This is so bogus. We all know the kid was born in Kenya.

If It Were My Home: Comparing Your Country To Other Countries

"If It Were My Home" is your gateway to understanding life outside your country. Did you know if you lived in Pakistan instead of the US, you would be 83% less likely to have HIV/AIDS? Some of the statistics may surprise you.

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