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May 27, 2011

Super Mario Bros. Is A Scary Game

Mario inhabits a strange and terrifying world. Tumblr-er-er-er Hyliam takes a look at this 8-bit classic with fresh, if wide with abject horror, eyes.

Animals That Mark Zuckerberg Has Slaughtered So Far

Mark Zuckerberg has taken the admirable, thoughtful step of only eating those animals that he has slaughtered himself. He slits their throats and then sends them to a butcher to be dressed. As we follow Mark on his conscious, ethical journey, here's a quick list of the animals who have fallen under his knife so far.

Eugene Mirman's Open Letter To Time Warner Cable

Comedian Eugene Mirman, like most of us, hates his cable company. Unlike most of us, he took out full page ads in New York newspapers to voice his hatred. You might think it an extravagant waste of money, but after you read this, you'll realize it was worth every indignant penny. Full transcript, plus video, below.

Nyanicorn (Game Battle)

How do you make Robot Unicorn Attack even better? Have a Nyan Cat version, of course. Goodbye productivity.

Terrifying Giant Water Bugs Eat Everything

It is the Honey Badger of the insect world. Why am I posting this? Because if I'm going to have nightmares, SO. ARE. YOU.

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