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May 20, 2011

The First Photo Of Tom Hardy As Bane In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Here's Tom Hardy as Bane, one of Batman's villains, released through the official website for The Dark Knight Rises. The viral campaign for Christopher Nolan's next Bat-movie has kicked off more than a year before its release. This is going to be an agonizingly long wait.

8 Cheap Ways To Avoid The Rapture

Not everyone can afford last minute airfare around the world. Afraid your goody-two-shoes ways will keep you from experiencing the post-Rapture party? Worry no more! These helpful tips will keep even the most devout from ascending to eternal glory.

Macho Man Randy Savage Has Died

Very sad news. It's being reported by TMZ that professional wrestling icon "Macho Man" Randy Savage has died in a car crash. The accident reportedly happened today in Tampa, Florida. Savage, born Randall Mario Poffo, was 58-years old.

Gambit Reboot Doomed...To Be Awesome

Word to the wise; never ask the Internet for help. Fred Van Lente, who wrote Marvel Zombies and co-wrote Cowboys and Aliens, knows nothing about Gambit. But has been asked to write a comic about him. So he turns to the fans for advice. To expected results.

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