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16 LGBT Video Game Characters

Video game history is fabulous. From a transgendered dinosaur born of a "typo" to the Ballad of Gay Tony, LGBT characters have come a long way in fourteen years. (Warning: Minor old spoilers)

  • 1. Eagle: Street Fighter - 1987

    Street Fighter character tribute to Queen front man Freddie Mercury. Many of his quotes were censored for the North American market.

  • 2. Birdo: Super Mario Bros. 2 - 1988

    This is a copy of the original character sheet in the SMB2 manual. Although subsequent editions changed the wording, Birdo still remains firmly as a transgender in the Mario universe.

  • 3. Morrigan And Lilith: Darkstalkers - 1994

    Being succubi, Darkstalkers never shied away from their bisexual nature. Photo via ReevolveR

  • 4. Tony: Earthbound - 1994

    Jeff's friend continuously hinted at having romantic feelings towards the blonde nerd. This was later confirmed by the series creator. Photo via UNCJ816

  • 5. Flea: Chrono Trigger - 1995

    Flea, a minion of Magnus, was a well known cross-dresser. His most memorable quote in game is, "Male or female, what difference does it make? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power."

  • 6. Kurosu Jun: Persona 2 - 1999

    Openly homosexual, Jun is the main character's closest childhood friend and one of the romantic interest options in game.

  • 7. Jolly Roger: Banjo-Tooie - 2000

    Jolly Roger, the gay bartender, sends Banjo and Kazooie on a quest to rescue his cross-dressing toad lover Merry Maggie.

  • 8. Alfred Ashford: Resident Evil Code Veronica - 2000

    The villain of Resident Evil: Code Veronica ends up being obsessed with his dead twin sister, to the point of dressing like her. A nod to the Alfred Hitchcock classic "Psycho".

  • 9. Vamp: Metal Gear Solid 2 - 2001

    The first of many LGBT character revealed throughout the Metal Gear series, players discover Vamp was previously involved with Scott Dolph. Don't worry ladies, he still loves us too.

  • 10. Bridget: Guilty Gear XX - 2002

    Bridget was raised as a girl by his parents in an attempt to fool a superstitious town. With the exception of Johnny, all the Guilty Gear characters take Bridget's lifestyle in stride.

  • 11. Juhani: Star Wars KOTOR - 2007

    The first openly gay character in the Star Wars universe, she will only respond to advances made by female avatars even though it is heavily implied that Juhani is in a relationship with another female Jedi.

  • 12. Jean Armstrong: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - 2004

    While maintaining a beard and mustache, this effeminate French chef still has his gender confused in-game due to his feminine dress and behaviors.

  • 13. Sander Cohen: Bioshock - 2007

    Through old audio logs and radio transmissions, players are able to piece together that this once great artist was deeply in love with Andrew Ryan.

  • 14. Carol And Greta: Fallout 3 - 2008

    Though more subtle than some of the other characters on this list, it is believed that these ghouls are in a relationship. If playing as a female avatar Greta will warn you to "stay away" from Carol.

  • 15. Juri Han: Super Street Fighter IV - 2010

    When fighting Cammy or Chun-Li, Juri will ask the girls on a date with sexual undertones during the cut scene.

  • 16. Gay Tony: Grand Theft Auto - 2010

    An eccentric club owner, Gay Tony is friends with main character Niko Belic. He was so popular that he received his own DLC episode.