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January 3, 2012

Community's "Inspector Spacetime" Gets A Beautiful Poster

Fantastic artist Sam Spratt has put together this beautiful "Inspector Spacetime" poster. This will remind you how much you miss "Community," as if you needed such a thing.

In The Drudge Caucus Jon Huntsman Is Even Losing To Herman Cain

The "Drudge Caucus" polls opened earlier today on the Drudge Report and Jon Huntsman is in dead last. We say "dead" last, because he's even losing to a man who had to drop out of the race in shame due to sexual harassment allegations.

Romney Responds To Video Unearthed By BuzzFeed's Kaczynski

Romney had described himself as progressive. He says he's not any more: "That was ten years ago and I’m more conservative than I was ten years ago," he tells Fox News.

Imagine If Ron Paul Was Your Ob/Gyn

Newsbeast tracked down some of Dr. Paul's patients. And they recall him as kind and capable -- though inclined to talking about the gold standard while they were on the table.

Controversial PSA Campaign Targets Obese Children

Georgia has the second highest childhood obesity rate in United States. But do these commercials cross the line from concerned to damaging or just tell it like it is?

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