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January 24, 2012

Twitter Buzz: Hollywood Reacts To This Year's Oscar Nominations

After this morning's announcement of the 2012 Oscar nominees it took no time at all for Twitter to explode with personal opinions. Some, like Jonah Hill, handled the praise from the Academy graciously. Others, like Mary J. Blige, not so much. And then there was Patton Oswalt, who created an imaginary party for all who had been snubbed that frankly sounded like a pretty grand time.

Billy Bush Caught Wearing Weird Vintage Swimsuit (And 20 Other Questionable Fashion Choices)

Earlier today, paparazzi cameras spotted "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush wearing a 1920s-style bathing suit for men (even though it looks like it's made for women). Can't say we're surprised! Here are 20 other moments in Billy's fashion history we'd like to erase from our brains.

NBC Celebrates Its "Embeds"

POLITICO's Dylan Byers this week has been giving voice to long-running worries among the political press about the culture of "embeds" -- the mostly young reporters who trail candidates through the grueling campaign schedule. One concern is that embeds don't always have the distance from the campaign -- and the adversarial relationship with it -- that are typically at the heart of good reporting. This NBC segment probably won't reassure anyone.

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