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January 9, 2012

9 Things Jodi Kantor Allegedly Got Wrong, But Mostly Didn't

As Mike Allen reported recently, "a list of alleged errors" in Jodi Kantor's blockbuster "The Obamas" is "circulating." We've got the "error" list -- can't say from whom! -- and it's shot through with errors of its own, and minor quibbles. And while this kind of nit-picking is the Washington playbook for discrediting a book, here's a fact check check that finds two-thirds of the complaints don't fly. The headline and text are from the anti-Kantor research document itself, with our evaluations in bold.

Paul Rudd Freestyle Rapping Is Pretty Much The Best

Hot off the news that "Comedy Bang Bang" would be turned into a television show, Uproxx provided some clutch examples of how great the show has already been in its original radio format. Among them was this excerpt of Paul Rudd trying his hand at freestyling.

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