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November 4, 2008

Record Voter Turnouts Reported

Early indications show that many states are shattering voter turnout records today. Here's a roundup of reports from some key swing states.

Second Rate Snacks

A full sensory comparison of name-brand snacks and their spin offs from slightly less prestigious brands.

Poll Closing Times

Ooh, I love a handy chart in pretty colors. The times are all in Eastern.

If the World Could Vote ...

More than 800,000 people from around the world have cast their ballots in this virtual election simulation. For what it's worth, McCain only seems to have a fighting chance with the American Samoan, Venezuelan, and Georgian electorate. Results here.

McCain Smokes Cigarette in New Ad

In a last-minute attempt to appeal to young voters (red states lose too, y'all!), McCain releases an ad that includes a shot of him smoking (:43 mark) and b-roll from an airboat ride.

Black Panthers in Philadelphia

There are reports of voter intimidation by Black Panthers blocking doorways in Philadelphia today.

McCain's Win Chance Down to 1.9%

According to, McCain's chances of victory are estimated at 1.9 percent, their lowest total of the year.

Reverend Wright Ad Finally Runs

After months of threatening to run an ad dredging up Reverend Wright, a group called the National Republican Trust made a splashy ad buy at the eleventh hour, running it nationwide during Monday Night Football, SNL, and (inexplicably) The Rachel Maddow Show.

Karl Rove's Electoral Map

According to the research of compiled state polls by Karl Rove & Co., the hypothetical electoral college numbers suggest an Obama win.

British Teenager's Super Long Name

A British 19-year-old has officially changed his name to "Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined."

Things We'll Miss After the Election

I can't believe it's actually here. What are we going to do? What are we going to talk about?

An Election Haiku for President Bush

This is one of our favorite Election Day haikus so far. If you can come up with 17 total syllables to describe your feelings on this historic occasion, join the party and post your own election-themed Haiku here.

Plastic Armyman Costume

This plastic green armyman costume is quite clearly the best thing that happened over the weekend. You know your costume is a winner when strangers start confidently claiming it's a PhotoShop fake in the comments on your Flickr page.

Obama and McCain on Sports Reform

Democrat Barack Obama tells ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” it’s time for college football to pick a champion with a playoff system while Republican John McCain wants to put an end to performance-enhancing substances.

Wheelchair Backflip

Aaron Fotheringham breaks the Guinness Record by being the first person to do a complete backflip in the air. Be sure to watch the video.

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