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November 5, 2008

The audience at the concession speech looked incredibly upset.

Everyone is tired (or still drunk) from celebrating the election this week. Catch your co-workers sleeping at work and post the pictures here.

The world could probably do with a quick breather from the Sarah Palin-fest that the last two months has been, but there's something kind of sad about watching as all our favorite Sarah Palin impersonators sing their swan songs.

What a triumphant night! Except for a couple of things that didn't go exactly the way we wanted.

Layoffs and tightening budgets mean canceled holiday parties for companies who were practically known for their grand galas of debauchery.

Arianna Huffington terms the phrase "Born Again American" for the newfound patriotism that has been inspired by the Obama Presidential win.

M.I.A. and Blaqstaar's awesome lo-fi video for "Way Down in the Hole" samples Tom Waits' theme song from "The Wire."

I spent mine in bed with a low-grade fever.

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